Fiction Writers Are Insane

Hello dear readers and welcome to a fun topic: The Insanity of Fiction Writers.

Now I’m not talking about those wearing straight jackets in Asylums who actually have a medical condition. I’m talking about the mind of a writer.

Every writer (specifically of fiction) is mad to some degree.
I didn’t have to think about this for very long before a few reasons came to mind.

The God Complex.

Often the villain in books or movies can have what is called a god complex. It basically means that they need to feel in control of everything, and that all things must conform to their will – or die.

For an author (or writer), they have the ability to create and shape a world in their mind. They decide the history of the world, the laws, the physics, the characters, the creatures everything. They then proceed to create a story within this world, every decision is made in accordance with their will.

The Killer

It is commonly known that someone who has killed another person, whether willingly or unwillingly, will endure phycological pain. They will experience guilt, remorse, and a multitude of other emotions I’m sure.

For writers that need to kill off characters in their story for the sake of the story line, they themselves orchestrate the deaths of characters they have in a sense mentally given birth to. That messes with the mind.

The Internal World

As previously mentioned, when a writer creates a story, they have to create a setting. This world (and often more than just one world) then becomes a part of them. A place where they can either escape, or be captured and consumed by.

But hey, if madness inspires brilliance, I shall embrace it.
Until next time, Anti-Greetings
D. Rhys Graham


11 thoughts on “Fiction Writers Are Insane

  1. I have to say sometimes I feel a bit mad, what with all the ridiculous quantity of time I spend writing and re-writing and editing. And then imagining scenes and conversations involving fake people in my head… Lol…..


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